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Xavius Mythic Down! 7/7 Mythic EN!
Cenarius Mythic Defeated! 6/7 Mythic!
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I'lgynoth Mythic Dies
5/7 Mythic EN
Legion Recruitment
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Xavius Mythic Down! 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare!

Ok... We hadn't really had massive hopes of killing Cenarius when the reset commenced; and those hopes had been more than dashed when our new tank quit after the first…


Cenarius defeated! 6/7 Mythic!

Back on the update wagon again. Our first week on Cenarius saw some┬áturbulent and frustrating progress at times. We have taken a big beating this expansion in terms of…


Il'gynoth Dies! 5/7 Mythic EN!

After 2 weeks of speedy progress, and slow news updates we have killed 5 of the 7 bosses in EN. Tonight saw the biggest test to date, and with the…