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Archimonde Mythic
Archimonde Mythic Kill Shot
Mannoroth Mythic Dies! 12/13 Mythic!
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Archimonde down! 13/13 Mythic - Expansion done!

The final boss of the expansion went down in comfortable fashion tonight after a few short weeks of progress and 332 wipes in total. This leaves Fang at realm third,…


Mannoroth Dies! 12/13!

Tonight, with barely 150 wipes on the clock, Mannoroth bit the dust. A thoroughly brilliant fight, quite possibly one of the best of the expansion meant that progress was fairly…


Fel Lord Zakuun dead! 9/13 Mythic!

Fel Lord Zakuun hit the dust very quickly tonight after a short period of progress. Quite an interesting fight on mythic, requiring a lot of coordination and awareness in order…