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Thursday, 06 April 2017 22:09

Gul'dan dies! 10/10 Mythic. World 96!

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Called it

Tonight saw the culmination of the first full tier of Legion completed when Gul'dan and his demons found out that we actually were prepared.

The Nighthold has been a rollercoaster of encounters which have been both testing and, on the whole, enjoyable. Blizzard's highly tuned encounters have come under a lot of flack recently as they have locked out a number of 'semi-hardcore' guilds who have hit road blocks. However those people who find fault in the difficulty of Nighthold are generally the first people to jump on the 'stop giving casuals free loot' bandwagon. 

It's true, there is a definite issue with rewards at the highest tier, and with anyone able to obtain the highest level of gear it does add a sour taste to end tier raiding and can, at times, make you question why you are smashing your head against this brick wall (or orbs on Elisande). However when that endless grind turns into the first kill of the last boss, all of that fades away and the realization of why you really raid comes stampeding back, along with the feelings of ecstasy, relief and team spirit. 

Our personal experience of The Nighthold has been very steady, and for the most part, enjoyable. We have (for once) maintained a stable roster, with only a few changes here and there from players burning out and disappearing randomly in the middle of the night; not forgetting the "theorycrafter" who didn't like being beaten...

Bosses have all gone down in timely fashion, with only a few taking longer than we would have liked. We feel we are finally coming back to our best form, with our world ranking steadily and consistently improving from boss to boss, which has culminated on a world 96 finish on Gul'dan, our first top 100 finish since Mists of Pandaria.

Yet again we have found our own little 'world first' race on Kazzak, with a new contender stepping up to the plate in Norrlands Guld. 

As someone unfortunate enough to not be able to progress Gul'dan, the first last boss I have missed since starting in Ulduar, watching streams of both guilds was certainly more nerve wracking than any progress I have ever done. Watching Norrlands wipe on 2% made my stomach writhe. Not telling anyone in raid, because I didn't want to add to the stress, only made it worse... and it didn't subside until that final last pull where Gul'dan was finally destroyed, I had to jump up in Discord and scream with the guys as the feeling was so intense. Then to watch Norrlands kill it only two minutes later only added to the elation of our first kill. A double victory!

We are thoroughly looking forward to Tomb of Sargeras, and the undoubtable challenges it will provide. Now back to grinding.

Wednesday, 05 April 2017 19:15

Grand Magistrax Elisande Down! 9/10 Mythic NH!

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So this happened... a while ago.

Figured I'd better actually write something as Gul'dan isn't far off needing some website (spoiler alert) attention also.

Elisande is one of the most frustrating fights I have ever done; which is probably the main reason for the slacking. A super punishing fight, with very little room for error and even less room for moving at times.

We were frustrated by her for over a reset. It's not a difficult fight by any stretch of the imagination; however tight DPS requirements and random orb spawns make it agonizingly tedious to progress on, and that's not even including the random dodging fail deaths.

Eventually however, we managed to power our way through it, and are currently enjoying some very promising progress on Gul'dan. Watch this space! 

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 17:27

Star Augur dead! 8/10 Mythic NH!

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We took another good step up the world ranking ladder last night to place ourselves agonizingly close to a top 100 finish in Nighthold.

A kill which form denied us on Sunday, finally happened on Monday in satisfying fashion. The raid finally accomplished a consistent level of performance which we can be proud of and which will hopefully continue onwards. 

Star Augur itself is a simple yet hectic fight. Fairly easy mechanics to master, however bringing it all together as a raid took a bit more coordination and patience, however the end result is what we are after, and an excellent end result is what we got.

At times it seemed as if we just weren't supposed to kill it, what with Avent 'ill' and Mooniverse's LAPTOP dying. However eventually we managed to keep everyone online and avoid the warlocks blowing up long enough to secure an impressive kill.

Monday, 13 February 2017 20:39

Tichondrius down! 7/10 Mythic NH!

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Slightly later than planned; Tichondrius died tonight to take us to seven mythic kills overall. 

Our initial plan was to bring some raid members which we felt we would struggle to fit in for Star Auger, this backfired slightly as we found that our damage on the inside phase was not consistent enough to comfortably get the boss down. With a few setup changes this became a thing of the past, and the boss hit the dust fairly promptly.

Avent tried to take over the killshot, so I decided to take my own. Enjoy.

Monday, 13 February 2017 20:30

Spellblade Aluriel dies - 6/10 Mythic NH!

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Tonight Spellblade Aluriel died in a timely fashion after a few tactic tweaks and some (for once accurate) counting down of numbers.

An excellent fight with a lot of twists and turns, where the ability to coordinate, communicate and eradicate were key.

Time to run off and consummate my newfound love with Acon.

Sunday, 08 January 2017 22:19

Mythic Helya dies! 420 Blazin' it!

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Tonight, after (a "planned"..) 420 wipes, Helya finally went swimmin' with da' fishes.

An excellent fight, which was both mechanically difficult and technically demanding; the best of the expansion by a clear margin, and probably in the top 10 of all time in my books. It was difficult progress, but steady; bit by bit, mechanics were learned, and movements were planned, which finally culminated in our kill tonight. For a 'stopgap' raid tier between EN and NH, TOV has surpassed expectations and been an excellent tier just in itself, in fact is was a major disappointment that Helya was nerfed so early in, as we were thoroughly enjoying the progress and the slightly easier encounter the nerfs created was very acutely disappointing, although didn't take away from the sense of achievement from the kill. Perhaps this time, Blizzard's oft unkept promise of releasing content quicker, just this once, was not one that needed keeping. I think another month or two in TOV would not have been unwarranted, and perhaps another boss would have justified that. As a result, I can see many guilds leaving TOV unsatisfied to have not cleared it.

Our kill itself was overly satisfying, despite knowing it was coming, after several sub 10% wipes on Thursday, we did not expect to come into raid and two (nearly one!) shot it today; the relief in Discord was tangible.

We are looking forward to NH, and feel much more prepared than we have done throughout this expansion so far. Hopefully roster bleed has finished now and we can continue to improve on our world and realm ranking.

Saturday, 31 December 2016 23:47

Happy New Year!

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2016 ends with a bang, literally!


While most people are out partying, those left over came together in Orgrimmar in true meme level fashion to bring a fitting end to meme year of 2016!


For 8 months we farmed HFC in anticipation of the release of Legion...in hope, no desperation - for new content. Boy did Blizzard deliver! On Legion's release the constant guild chat spam of artifact links did not get boring. We've gone from a big rooster, to a tiny rooster, and back to a big rooster again. We've farmed AP (at interestingly chosen times), and lots of it. We have been disappointed with the raiding Blizzard delivered with Emerald Nightmare, and then pleasantly surprised by the challenge Trial of Valor offered - a trial we were perhaps under prepared for. But as always, the guild has banded together and the quality raids continue!


Now, on the eve of Nighthold, no effort is being spared to enjoy and perform the upcoming raid as much as possible (and also to deliver the finishing blow to Helya in the coming raids).


Thanks for a great 2016 and here is to an even better 2017.


Happy new year!


Front page new year posts in 2016?!? Firework screenshots in 2016!?!?

Wednesday, 21 December 2016 23:23

Phase 3 Bitches

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So, after what became a meme after getting to phase 2 and failing to deliver on the promise of a commemorative news post. Here is that news post for phase 3 (albeit 3 days after we got there)!


Progress is certainly going strong, and it is a shame the boss has been nerfed because its certainly a good one. Phase 2 is certainly getting more consistent and we are already starting to get an idea for our routines in P3. But Christmas is on the way, and so is Nighthold!


So enjoy your Christmas, and keep up the good work for the next raids to come - its only a matter of time now!

Thursday, 01 December 2016 22:12

Guarm Mythic dead! 2/3 ToV

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A troubling start to the expansion has only increased in severity for us. 

Since Legion began, we have lost more core raiders in every department than I'd care to list, through people burning out and quitting the game. This includes some crucial classes, namely mages and shadow priests.

We however did not help ourselves much on Guarm, and found our roster lagging behind on artifact power compared to other guilds on our level, on top of missing those key classes.

100+ wipes on a mechanically very simple boss was very soul destroying at times, when you can see that the dps requirement is out of reach by the smallest of margins it is very demoralizing, not to mention the huge dent that it was putting in our wallets. Thankfully our roster have banded together and maintained consistent performance which eventually lead to a kill (even if it did mean Underzz had to solo the last 5 mil hp) 

Although this result may be a downfall in our overall world ranking slightly; it will strengthen us in the long-run, as we have proven to ourselves that we are capable of fighting against the odds to reach a common goal. 


Monday, 17 October 2016 21:13

Xavius Mythic Down! 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare!

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We hadn't really had massive hopes of killing Cenarius when the reset commenced; and those hopes had been more than dashed when our new tank quit after the first night of progress, and although we knew there was a good chance of us killing it tonight; we hadn't allotted for an early kill... So to agree with our good ol' friend Illidan... We were not prepared.

We took 30 mins before the boss to watch a couple of videos and copy and pasted some tactics.

The first few pulls consisted of people not getting into their dream in time; another 10 minute break to figure out what the hell Nightmare Reverberations was, and why it killed one of the mages 'randomly'. 

A few wipes later and the boss was randomly dead.

We knew going in that everyone was killing it quick, but 16 pulls was Ra-Den cringe worthy. We were far from optimised... I think only the shadow priests got their damage buff from the dream, I didn't even use a 2nd pot or my third round of CDs (praying for that corruption!) before the boss died. So yeah... not sure what to say about this. GG

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