Monday, 11 March 2019 18:02

Stormwall Blockade down

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Stormwall blockade bites the dust. 8/9M

Thursday, 14 February 2019 22:48

Rastakhan Down :)

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After our glorious lag infested Wednesday and after loosing half the raid due to massive lag we went in tonight and downed Rastakhan in our first night of push.



Mekkatorque is next...

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 22:05

G'Huun Down, Uldir Cleared!

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Fang's first tier of BFA is now complete. Since Legion we've almost cut our raiding hours in half which has come with setbacks. In terms of progress we started off slowly and we never really able to pick up the pace, we lost a core group of players including our raid leader during Mythrax progress which was heavy blow. We were at a crossroads, do we go our separate ways or do we try to rebuild?

Members stepped up and we came together as a group to show maximum effort combined with grit and determination in order to rebuild the guild and after a week we were back on our feet to kill Mythrax and progress on G'huun. We had progressed Phase 1 relatively quickly however roadblocks presented themselves in Phase 2 and Phase 3. It was another test of character for us to continue while guilds around us were folding left, right and center but on November 21st G'huun finally fell at our feet.

The first tier of BFA has taught us in Fang a valuable lesson, we have learned and going forward the only way is up. 

Recruitment is open now, for more details look here.


Sunday, 28 October 2018 18:15

Mythrax DOWN!

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Hello world, C'thrax Mythrax the Unraveler is down!

G'Huun fun times ahead!


Friday, 19 October 2018 02:11

The recruitment doors are open!

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Recruitment is open! Do NOT be discouraged by what we are specifically looking for either, we are always open to other specs not listed 

Friday, 23 February 2018 02:55

Argus Down! Antorus Cleared! Legion Ended!

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We finally finished off the expansion with the death of mythic Argus the Unmaker. In what was an absolute rollercoaster of an instance for the guild. We had the usual roster problems, losing some key long standing players along the way. When combined with some poor performance, left a lot to be desired with our final rankings for the tier.

The tier started off pretty strongly and we kept pace through the first 6 bosses before performance issues hit on Kin'garoth. We then stumbled a bit on Vari'mathras over Christmas before turning it around and putting ourselves in a strong position with the quick Aggramar kill.

We approached Argus on a high after a strong Aggramar performance, but what was to come I don't think any of us would have predicted. If truth be told, individual performance was just not up to scratch and in turn we struggled to defeat the final boss of the instance.

I couldn't be more proud of the guys for their perseverance and resolve that essentially got us over the line. It's easy to quit or run away from the challenge but our roster stood up and was counted through testing times.  

As we move forward towards BFA we have decided to dramatically reduce our schedule and scrap split runs completely. Our new schedule will be Wed/Thurs/Sun 19:45-23:00st. We hope that with less time demand we can access a new player base for recruitment.

I for one hope to make Fang great again and will See you all in BFA.


Wednesday, 27 September 2017 21:29

Kil'jaeden Down! Tomb of Sargeras Cleared!!

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Well this has been an emotional ride...

What looked like a disaster from the get-go had a silver lining at the end. We struggled through this tier, with massive roster issues and poor raid performance hampering us from the beginning. This was reflected in our way below expected world rankings, which, for most of the tier, hovered around the 200 mark.

We struggled on bosses we should not have struggled on, and this cannot be put down to roster issues alone, but individual performance from all corners of the roster. 

As has become standard in Fang however, we finished the tier very strong, with far fewer pulls and days on KJ than most, if not all of our competition. 

Although we walk away from ToS with fairly low heads, we can take solace in the fact that we know we can achieve, and that even though nonperformance has hit us hard this tier, we can move forward with great optimism knowing that we can do better.

For me personally, this is the end of the road. I have raided with Fang for over 8 years (Ulduar). It was my first raiding guild, and at no point in those 8 years have I considered leaving to join another guild. I've seen us grow drastically from a rank 3000 guild, to a top 100 guild (SoO), and have loved every second of my time here. The social aspect of the guild is something we bang on about a lot when we recruit, and it is never exaggerated. I've had so much fun, in a game that I have grown to hate, but I always hung on because I wanted the guild to continue getting better.

Sadly, the overwhelming pressure to play the game above all else has hit me, and the result is that I almost resent doing it. The atmosphere in the guild hasn't changed, and raiding is still great fun here, however I just can't say the same about the game for me.

I've loved raiding with you all, past and present, and I know Fang will only grow from here. 


Sunday, 10 September 2017 18:28

Fallen Avatar dies! 8/9 Mythic ToS!

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Tonight, after 333 wipes; we finally managed to down the Fallen Avatar in the Tomb of Sargeras! 

A shaky period of progress that required a major roster change finally paid off, and we can jump into Kil'jaeden at full throttle and try to catch back up with some of the other guilds competing at our level.

We had issues of consistency, attendance and general performance but overall can be happy with our performance on FA, killing it with fewer attempts than a lot of guilds considered our competition. 

 Quite possibly one of the most horrendous fights I've ever had the pleasure of progressing. Ability queues make what is already a difficult encounter, somewhat random with different timings which can easily culminate in making your life that much more difficult. 

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 05:39

Maiden of Vigilance Down! 7/9 Mythic!

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Tonight, after a very short period of progress, we dropped the Maiden of Vigilance in ToS Mythic.

A fun but at times, frustrating boss to progress; simple yet tricky to execute at times, however it went down in fairly speedy fashion with a perfect kill.

Now we see ourselves up at the first proper obstacle of the expansion: The Fallen Avatar. We had a few hours of progress on it before the reset finished, and it seemed to go well, despite many cuckings. 

Hopefully it won't prove too difficult! 


Monday, 31 July 2017 21:43

Mistress Sassz'ine Cleared! 6/9 Mythic!

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Tonight, after what seems like an endless period of progress, we finally killed Mistress Sassz'ine in mythic ToS.

It's a bloody hard boss considering its position in the raid, very comparable with pre-nerf Gorefiend, with much much more movement and a very hectic ending. 

The fight itself is made increasingly difficult with its random elements, including major mechanics which mean planning ahead is redundant. We certainly made it look more difficult than it was in earlier stages however. 

Still, with a lot of determination and grit, it went down, and we can push on to what seems a much easier period of progress on Maiden!

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